Student Grants are provided by FEL2022 supporting institutions.

Each grant covers:

  1. conference fees
  2. travel and accommodation up to 900 € for EU; 1400€ for extra Europe countries and 900€ for European 

A student grant's board will select the eligible applicants. 

  1. The applicant has to submit an abstract as oral or poster and the relative contribution to the proceedings. 
  2. The applicant has to provide a letter of presentation from his institute and his personal CV. 
  3. The applicant will provide support to the LOC during the conference (see below). 

The deadline to submit an application was May 31, 2022

The granted student accepts the following duties:

  1. Submit the manuscript for the proceedings by the deadline. The Grant Support for post-deadline submission is not guaranteed.
  2. Provide support during the conference according to the instructions provided by the local committee (typically microphone assistance, poster police …).


Supporting Institutions